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I am in the process of recording and releasing my next single which is called “I Am Enough”. As some of you have been asking me about how best to gift, I am offering the opportunity to help fund this project, which I am more than excited about. So if you feel like gifting, feel free to contribute to making this song, this recording, this video and this whole project happen.

Any amount is welcome, appreciated and is helping to bring this project to the world. Support me in making this happen and become a part of this project forever.

Note: Please don’t feel compelled to gift, just because you’re on this page. It is purely an option for those who are in the position to and want to show their support and appreciation for this project. Only do this if it feels joyful, free and genuine.

This link takes you to my paypal.me page – making it easy to send money. In case you want to contribute in another way – contact me (link)

THANK YOU for being a friend, supporter, follower. I am blessed to be sharing this life alongside you and to be connected to you. The best is yet to come. Blessings,


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