Are you ready to uncover the 'real you'?

1-day men's workshop close to Ericeira

TBA soon

The event will take place on a Sat, 09:00 - 18:00

Barril, Encarnacao

On a permaculture farm 15 min from Ericeira

Powerful group experience

A safe and supportive environment


As men, quite often we can find ourselves doing things for others and saying things to fit in, to be liked or accepted, when actually we are thinking or feeling something else and hiding away what’s really going on for us.

Most of us wear our ‘personality mask’, most of the time and often without even noticing. This mask can show up as many things, as people pleasing or pretending to have it all figured out, as being ‘OK’ or ‘having to be strong’ all the time, the list is endless. 

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So many men believe they have to wear this mask when actually it’s suffocating and blocking the relationships in their lives, it stops them from really connecting authentically. The truth is we want to include all parts of ourselves. We want to be able to be strong and soft, capable and vulnerable, laugh and cry. And the amazing thing is our partners, wives, kids, and friends are all wanting, hoping we’ll take off this mask and show up.

So, why are you wearing your mask? Maybe it’s made you feel safer? Maybe you just learnt to do it growing up? Maybe it’s what your role models did? Maybe you tried not wearing it and it didn’t work out? Or, maybe you’ve never even thought about taking it off? We all have our story.

Whatever your mask is, whatever the reasons you wear it, if you find yourself reading this… it’s not serving you anymore and it’s time to take it off!

We’ve created this workshop as a safe space where you can explore, understand, take off and put down your mask and see what’s possible beyond that… to see and be seen.

In a supportive environment this 1-day “duck-dive” taster workshop will explore and challenge the thoughts and behaviours that stop you from being ‘you’, not the bullshit you, we’re talking about the ‘real you’.

It’s a day of facilitated discovery and understanding with other men who want to be real, men who want to show up and be who they are, not who they think they have to be. You’ll get to meet, support, and be supported by a band of brothers you can be honest with. You’ll leave the day with resources that will keep the changes made alive, you’ll learn the all important ‘I language’, and know how to include yourself.

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All this happens in one day, on an amazing permaculture farm 15 minutes from Ericeira with lunch and snacks provided.

What to bring: Yourself (however you are, however you feel), your humour, courage and openness, water bottle, journal, comfortable clothes.

Your Facilitators

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Philipp and Andy

Andy Dean is a Constellator, coach, trainer and facilitator who likes to combine energy, humour and lightness with depth and authenticity. He believes that there is no ‘one right way’ so there is not a set format or approach he uses all the time, his workshops and 1:1 sessions with clients can be a mix of theory, practical and experiential but always down to earth.

Philipp Archan is a coach, musician and facilitator and runs a local men’s circle in Ericeira. Through his own healing journey and the trainings and experiences that followed, he developed a holistic and integral approch for personal transformation that is very powerful. Men’s work is dear to his heart, as working on integrating and balancing his masculinity was and continues to be one of the most important parts of his own evolution and growth.


We are excited to soon offer and share this experience to all men who are ready to embark on a journey of deeper understanding, shedding layers of who they are no longer, and embodying a new version of themselves. No particular experience is needed for this 1-day workshop. The next date will be announced very soon.

As we want this event to be easily accessible for everyone who is interested, we are offering this day for a very affordable price. The full day workshop including snacks and lunch is €70.

To sign up, simply hit the button to fill out this quick form (takes 1 min):

Any questions beforehand? Reach out to me on Instagram via @philipp_shine

Rough timetable of the day:

09:00 Arrive

10:30-12:00 Workshop 1

12:00-12:20 Break

12:20-13:30 Workshop 2

13:30-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-15:00 Buddy work

15:00-15:30 Sharing

15:30-17:00 Workshop 3

17:00-18:00 Closing and Integration

18:00 End

To sign up, simply hit the button to fill out this quick form (takes 1 min):

Any questions beforehand? Reach out to me on Instagram via @philipp_shine

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