Hey, my name is Philipp;

I'm exploring a new way of how I am supporting men and just wanna make sure I'm creating the best service possible...

So I'm looking for men with integrity who struggle with meeting interesting women consistently in an authentic, non-sleazy way.

I want to ask a few simple questions over a short call (or meeting). I'm happy to give some free coaching, advice and/ or a coffee in exchange 🙂 I have nothing to sell you.

Are you this someone, or do you know anyone? Please spread the message because I'm trying to create something amazing that's gonna change many lives!

Please follow the link and take 1 min to fill out the Google Form so I can get in touch with you:

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Hey, I'm Phil. I live in Ericeira, Portugal with my partner, and I am passionate about helping men grow, heal and transform. I am currently exploring how to best help men with integrity in their dating life. I'd love to get to know you and speak to you if you resonate with this.

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