I am looking for 3 MEN who want to learn how to have INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES with women who they thought they couldn't even talk to... by THIS spring (we're talking 2023)

And: I have NOTHING to sell you.

This is for you if you are...

• ready to DELETE TINDER for good 📵

• fed up with waking up FRUSTRATED (and ALONE) after another "night out with the boys" 😑

• sick of STRUGGLING to get attractive women to see what you have to OFFER 🤷‍♂️

• ALLERGIC to manipulation, pick-up-lines and lying 🤢

• able to finally ADMIT that the ways you've been trying to "manifest your dream partner" have done NOTHING for you 😵‍💫

• committed to not letting another spring and summer season SLIP BY without using the ROMANTIC POTENTIAL of these seasons 👩‍❤️‍👨

• eager to find out that there IS another way... because there is. Hear me out ⬇️

HINT: I am offering 30 min of FREE coaching in exchange for a market research interview. Jump to the offer via the button or keep reading.

Dating in 2023 is frustrating, I get it. I've been where you are now, not long ago... and I thank god every day that I discovered ANOTHER WAY.

The GOOD NEWS is this: almost no-one is using it. That's where you have an opportunity, right this moment... let me tell you about it by introducing myself:

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Hey, I'm Phil. I'm passionate about "hacking the system", courage and transforming from the inside out. I remember when, not long ago, I found myself frustrated with my dating life. I'd been single for 7 years (!)... but not the kind of single life that I wanted. I was struggling to meet women who I was really interested in and attracted to, on a regular basis. I always hated Tinder. The old going-out-and-getting-drunk-screaming-into-her-ears-trying-to-get-laid game didn't do it for me either. After years of struggle I finally found my own way to sidetrack the competitive hustle of finding romantic partners...

...and EVERYTHING changed from there on. I felt like I had unlocked some cheat code to life. I found a way to get in touch with attractive, intelligent and fun women, regularly and easily. And I didn't have to pretend to be someone who truly, I was not... what?!?

The COOLEST THING was this... not only did I find myself have a much richer dating life... the positive effects of what I had uncovered bled into all other areas of my life and I found myself more confident, joyful, present and at peace, in general.

Today, I am teaching MEN WITH INTEGRITY to do exactly this. Too familiar is the pain of knowing what I have to give, but struggling to create the according connections and results in my dating life. Whether you want to meet interesting, attractive women more regularly to eventually find your life partner, or just want to live a more enriched romantic and seggsual life, this may be your ticket to change your romantic life ONCE AND FOR ALL.

If this resonates with you and you'd like to find out more... here is my invitation:

The OFFER: (it's free)

I am offering 30 min of FREE no-strings-attached coaching in exchange for a 30 min market research interview. A clean exchange. If you don't want to, you'll never hear from me again after this.

I hand-pick the people I work with and have high standards for who I gift my time to (this is a good mindset for dating as well, by the way.)

To APPLY for a FREE coaching exchange slot, please take 2 min to choose a possible time slot and answer a few short questions. After booking a time, you'll hear from me soon.

(for ALL applicants)

2 value-packed eBooks that alone could change your life

holistic health guide ebook


I’ve taken all my findings of 10+ years of research and study regarding holistic health and put them together in a simple guide that you can read in ~10 min. It even has a one-pager summary for those of you who can’t be bothered reading through a 10 minute eBook but go “Just tell me what you do!” I believe that our holistic health on all levels correlates strongly with our ability to attract the women that we find interesting and attractive. That’s why I chose to gift this densely packed and easily applicable resource to everyone who choses to apply for the exchange.

drsg ebook


Apply some of the changes outlined in this guide and get 4-8 hours (and so much focus, flow and life force) back, every week. Online and digital life has most of us in a grip that’s stronger than we would want to. We know that we are wasting too much time mindlessly scrolling online and when the screen time statistics pop up on our phone, we sometimes don’t want to believe they are true. In this compact guide I use the same concept… no time to go into the very details of every concept, but an easy-to-implement and understand starter pack to get 80% of the results in 20% (or less) of the time you need to invest. Reading time ~5 min.

I'd love to read your application.


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